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Health Coaching Services

Client Testimonial

"Celina has been working as my personal health coach throughout the past few years and I truly thank God for her everyday. She always answers my emails, puts my mind at rest, gives me the best education on supplements that could support me with whatever I'm going through at the moment. She's been very detailed with everything going on with me. She is very open-minded and has gone through health issues herself, making her empathetic and kind to her patients that she works with. I honestly could not recommend this program or Celina as a coach more. If you are looking for someone to help you step by step to get better from whatever you are suffering from and regular doctors are not cutting it, please give this a shot and let somebody like Celina help you understand the root cause and get you better at the same time. I am eternally grateful."

- Sara

As a woman and Mom of two, I've had my fair share of challenges with living a healthy lifestyle. I've battled SO MANY symptoms and diagnosis' to get where I am today.  Whether you are looking for lifestyle changes, wanting to focus on  your diet, or at the end of your rope with chronic illnesses, I am here for YOU. Sometimes we just need a reliable, trusted support network to hold you accountable  and keep you on track. Sometimes you need someone who has walked  down a similar road.  I've been down many roads and it took me years to find the resources that I needed to reclaim my health. It doesn't have to be that way for you. I am here to guide you and direct you to the right resources for YOU at the right time.

Health coaches are powerful companions to have and I want you to understand exactly what it is that I have to offer. 

So what is it that I can do for you? (Trust me. I wish I had a magic wand.)

  • Diving deep into your healthy history all way back to birth (and in utero). This information is crucial for me to uncover potential root causes of dis-ease in the body. This information alone can tell me a lot about what your are experiencing.

  • Review health diagnostics to take out the guesswork of getting you back to optimal health. Some of you may have been on this journey for a long time and diagnostic testing tells me what is happening within your body at a cellular level so we can target any imbalance immediately, without wasting precious time. Testing can be ordered by YOU! No more relying on a practitioner to give you 'permission' to dig deeper into your health challenges. I am here to empower you to learn about lab testing, what they are for, and how they can benefit you!

  • Gut health 101: I am extremely passionate about gut health and the effect it has on your overall health. I've seen too many clients suffer for too long because they were missing this key information. We will dig into your gut history, learn how your digestive system functions from top to bottom (yes...that bottom), and make a clear plan about how we can make improvements. 

  • Healthy living resources are provided: reading labels, cleaning out your pantry, cooking tips, recipes that fit your lifestyle, emotional support and movement.

  • Support - and A LOT of it. If you have something on your mind or you have questions about changes in your life as you move through my program, I will be here. If you find something that is working for you, celebrate it.  If you find something isn't working for you - we will find an alternative, however, celebrating your failures is also important. Either way, I look forward to being your guiding light. 


Let’s Work Together

90 Day Reset

Health Review

  • 60 minute virtual consultation

  • Review history of health challenges

  • Discuss potential health solutions

*A health review can also be used for a progress check-in call when needed.

  • 90-Day Program with bi-weekly virtual consultations

  • Dive deep into your health challenges

  • Discover the root cause of imbalance in your body

  • Set realistic goals & take action!

  • Email & text support between consultations

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